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During the preliminary evaluation phase, ODI identified 76 owner complaints and 6,582 warranty claims related to airbag warning light illumination from either a faulty side-impact airbag module or wiring date, there has been no allegation of crash, injury or death reported.Porsche reports that a bad batch of modules was produced during mid-November to mid-December, 2003.however, Porsche's warranty data indicates that most of the modules replaced under warranty were on vehicles built before and after this period indicating that the issue could be more widespread.Porsche reports that the wiring harness malfunction is due to a faulty connector leading to the airbag module as a result of environmental and mechanical June and November of 2004, Porsche added a protective coat of lubricant gel to the connector and rerouted the harness to fix the problem on all future production.Porsche has not issued a recall campaign, but it has circulated to its dealers two service bulletins, both in September 2004 to address the above issues.this investigation is being upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA06-005) and will include MY 2006 vehicles.
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