Affected Component: STEERING

Date Published
NOV 02, 2017
TSB Document
Cause: Clicking noises can come from around the transfer case when manoeuvring the vehicle (or driving slowly) due to activation of the transfer case servo motor. Remedial Action: Before doing any other work, the symptom must be simulated using a test procedure. (Opening the door windows can be helpful when evaluating noises). 1 Conditions for the first test procedure: * Activate the Start/Stop function and * deactivate all sources of noise in the vehicle (Entertainment, ventilation, etc.). * A multi-story parking garage can be useful for acoustic reverberation. * On a straight stretch * from speeds less than 10mph (20 km/h) * brake the vehicle to a standstill. * The best way of finding the clicking noise is by driving slowly and then stopping the vehicle.