Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
JUN 08, 2016
TSB Document
Integrated Center Stack If vehicle is found within 50 mile radius of the Detroit Metro area please hold vehicle and contact:~ Contact one of the following:~ Daniel Acciacca CELL (586) 709-1537~ Michael Savich CELL (248) 214-7270~ Ayed Hadaad CELL (248) 941-8707~ Issue: On a 2015 & 2016MY LA (Challenger), LD(Charger) and LX (300), the Integrated Center Stack (ICS) may experience a lock-up/Inop condition (complete loss of functionality) during any vehicle diagnostic session (reading fault codes, clearing fault codes, reflashing of any module, etc.). If this occurs, do not replace the ICS. The module functionality can be restored if it is reset by disconnecting power to it (by removing fuse, battery disconnect or module connector disconnect).~