Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
JAN 20, 2016
TSB Document
FLOOR CONSOLE ASSEMBLY Please call Mike Wicker on cell (248) 821-9350 regarding Center Floor Console Armrest Lid not latching properly. If you don't receive a response within 20 minutes, then continue with normal repair procedure.~ Please follow this procedure to resolve Center Floor Console noise (e.g. ticking, buzz, squeak, rattle):~ 1) Remove tape/film from the Center Floor Console latching surfaces within the Armrest Lid {upper compartment} & bezel and Storage Bin {lower compartment} latch & bezel surfaces).~ 2) Apply interior cleaner onto cloth to remove the tape/film adhesive from the plastic latch & bezel and Storage Bin & Armrest Lid contact surfaces.~ Verify problem is resolved.