Date Published
MAR 08, 2017
TSB Document
Power Fold Rearview Mirror Prior to replacing this part for a loose mirror, please first follow this procedure to reset the pivot mechanism. Move the mirror to its full foward position and then to full retract position using the power fold mirror button located on drivers side door panel. Perform this procedure three times. If this doesn't resolve the issue, then repair as necessary.~ Note: 1- The looseness of power fold mirror does not necessary indicate a defective mirror, it may be caused by folding it manually rather than using the power fold feature. If the mirror is adjusted manually out of the proper detent, always use the button to adjust it back into sync.~ 2- The intended use of the power fold mirrors is by pushing the button to fold and unfold the mirror. Only manually fold the mirrors when absolutely necessary.~ 3- In the circumstance where the left hand mirror and right hand mirror are in different positions, it may take up to three cycles (bottom pushes) to re-sync the mirrors together.