Affected Component: POWER TRAIN

Date Published
JUN 22, 2016
TSB Document
AS69RC Transmission For DD, DF, and DP Models ONLY; Code P2757 ? TCC PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID CONTROL CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE~ Transmission Part Numbers: RL300150AA [4x4], or RL300149AA [4x2 LHS PTO], RL300152AB 4x2 RHS PTO]~ If you are ordering an Aisin Transmission AS69RC [sales code DF2] for replacement due to code P2757 present [for 2016MY only] with the following symptoms:~ 1. Code P2757 with MIL on [Check engine light on]~ 2. Harness check is good~ 3. Vehicle build dates are from 10/15/2015 to 4/17/2016~ 4. Low miles - approximately below 1500 miles.~ Suggested repair actions:~ 1. Clear the code and test drive with light throttle attempting to engage torque converter lock up. The code P2757 will set, if torque converter lock up fails.~ 2. If the code P2757 returns: Replace Torque Converter [Part number RL335702AA] only.~ 3. Return the suspect Torque converter to FCA for review. [Follow Part retention process]