Affected Component: ENGINE (PWS)

Date Published
AUG 11, 2015
TSB Document
Camshaft Position Sensor If replacing a camshaft position sensor for P0340 and/or P0344 fault codes, please review information below and contact Andrew Action on his cell phone: (248) 421- 4130. If no response is received within 15 minutes, please continue with repair.~ Before clearing any codes please pull Freeze Frame and CamCrank Sync Event Monitor data (instructions below) from the PCM and send the PDF?s to Andrew Acton by email: Instructions to access CamCrank Sync Event Monitor:~ - From wiTECH main screen~ - Monitors tab~ - OBDII Monitors~ - Select Cam Crank Synchronization Event Monitor from the list~ - Should bring up 3 or 4 pages of data~ - Click on create PDF icon in lower right corner~ - email PDF to