Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
MAY 15, 2019
TSB Document
ADAPTER, Engine Oil Filter (Pentastar V6) Engineering is seeking information regarding OFA leaks. Questions/info can be directed to: Bob Jackson (248) 944-0466 - Ron Dallison (248-292-9510) Joe Lovell (734) 309-6467 - If no response in 15 minutes, proceed with repair. All vehicles equipped with a 3.2L or 3.6L except for model year 2014 vehicles with leak concern: 1) Ensure the Oil Filter Adapter (OFA) Cap O-ring is seated in the proper groove in the cap and not damaged or cut. 2) If replacing the (OFA) due to a leak detected between (OFA) and block. Ensure the torque on the 5 bolts are torqued to 12nm. If not record the actual values, torque to 12nm and contact the FCA employees listed below. 3) Remove the (OFA) and replace the O-ring and gaskets only (Kit #68191356A$), NOT THE OFA. 4) If oil was drained, add oil dye to ensure the leak is repaired. For model year 2014 vehicles replace the Oil Filter Adaptor.