Affected Component: ENGINE (PWS)

Date Published
JUL 08, 2014
TSB Document
Tech Tip: Starting with the 2010 Model Year, Scion began a gradual transition to the use of synthetic 0w20 viscosity engine oil. There are multiple benefits of this oil including: Reduced friction and wear on engine surfaces, Improved fuel economy, Reduction in waste oil stream (in vehicles approved for 10,000 mile oil change intervals), Reduced maintenance cost (in vehicles approved for 10,000 mile oil change intervals). Due to the improved performance and durability of 0w20 synthetic oil, Scion has extended the oil change intervals to 10,000 mile for vehicles that require this oil (except the FR-S). With this change, the following should be noted: Only Scion vehicles in which 0w20 oil is mandatory have been approved for extended oil change intervals. Vehicles in which 0w20 is an option to 5w20 (or 5w30) will continue to require 5,000 mile change intervals, even if 0w20 oil is used. In the case of vehicles with 10,000 mile oil change intervals, the 5,000 mile service interval has not been eliminated. The traditional 5,000 mile maintenance procedures (such as tire rotation) will continue to be required, and the fluid levels (including engine oil) will need to be checked and adjusted at this time. If the vehicle operation meets the standard criteria for "Special Operating Conditions" such as: driving off-road, on dirt roads, towing a trailer, making repeated short trips under 32 degrees F, or extensive idling, the engine oil must be replaced at 5,000 mile intervals, regardless of oil used. exception is FR-S, where the oil must be replaced every 3,750 miles, under "Special Operating Conditions."