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Complainants report fuel leakage most frequently in winter during initial cold engine startup.owners will either notice a fuel odor inside the occupant compartment or fuel odor/leakage at the fuel lines on the right side atop the engine. Once the engine has warmed, the odor/leakage may cease.Subaru revised the fuel pipe/hose design for model year (MY) 2003-04 WRX vehicles produced after August 2003.Subaru also introduced a MY 2004 Impreza sti vehicle with a different engine and fuel pipe/hose layout.out of the total of 994 complaints, 944 concern MY 2002-03 WRX vehicles built through August 2003.Subaru also reports one fire on a MY 2002 WRX vehicle that occurred in February 2006.in March 2009, ODI inspected and video taped a MY 2002 WRX vehicle with a fuel leak during cold engine start up.the video was provided to Subaru and is in the investigation file. This investigation is being upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA09-011) to further study this issue.
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