Affected Component: AIR BAGS

Date Published
DEC 05, 2019
TSB Document
"This Service Information Bulletin announces IMPORTANT changes to the parts ordering and Service Procedures for replacement passenger airbag modules and airbag control modules used in the models listed above. The change is due to discontinuation of the original equipment passenger airbag module assemblies used in 2015-17MY vehicles. The replacement passenger airbag module assemblies for the 2015-17 MY Legacy and Outback will now be the same part used in 2018MY Legacy and Outback. The 2018MY Legacy and Outback also utilizes a different airbag control module than the 2015-17 MY Legacy and Outback. The 2018MY passenger airbag module assembly is now specified for 2015-18MY vehicles. As a result, whenever installing the 2018MY passenger airbag module on a 2015-17MY vehicle, the airbag control module AND airbag module assembly MUST be replaced together as a matching set."