Affected Component: STEERING

Date Published
MAY 23, 2016
TSB Document
Through the weekend we have shipped 17,346 steering columns, which represents 67% of the total sold vehicles. In fact, 1,355 steering columns were delivered to retailers this Saturday, another 1,712 will be delivered today, and another 3,000 will be delivered tomorrow. Given projected failure rate of 66%, this means we should now be starting to repair units in retailer inventory. However, we realize that this may not be the case for every retailer. We will continue to ship parts at an average of 1,500 per day this week, and we will utilize VIN counts collected over the weekend to prioritize and allocate parts going forward. It is very important that each retailer continue to follow up with customers that have not arranged for inspection or to have their vehicles towed to the retailer. We need every vehicle inspected or repaired, and we need this done as soon as it is practical. It is also important that claims are entered on a timely basis, every day, so we can keep a good accounting of the completed cars.