Date Published
AUG 15, 2019
TSB Document
TSB: Pre-Delivery Service (PDS) is a critical step in satisfying our new car customers. Customer feedback indicates the following areas deserve special attention when performing PDS: ? Careful inspection for paint chips/scratches and body dents/dings. ? Proper operation of electrical accessories. ? Interior cleanliness. ? Proper function of mechanical systems. Customer retention and proper maintenance of vehicles are and always have been a major focus for Toyota. To help remind customers that regular service is essential to the proper maintenance of the vehicle, dealers are required to install a service reminder sticker prior to delivery. By doing this, customers will be reminded to return to your dealership for service. Your current service reminder sticker may be used. (See PDS Check Sheet item 10 of ?Final Inspection and Cleaning.?) A PDS Check Sheet has been developed for the 2020 model year 4Runner. Some check points have been added, expanded, or clarified. Bulletins are available for items in bold type.