Date Published
JAN 07, 2019
TSB Document
TSB: Hybrid vehicles are equipped with two types of batteries: ? Hybrid Vehicle (HV) battery ? Auxiliary (12V) battery If the hybrid vehicle is put into storage, the State-Of-Charge (SOC) of its HV battery and auxiliary battery will gradually decrease. To prevent the auxiliary battery from becoming discharged during storage, proper maintenance is necessary. Perform the following maintenance service for the HV battery and auxiliary battery. NOTE ? BEFORE disconnecting the auxiliary battery, confirm the shift lever is in the ?P? position and apply the parking brake completely. The shift lever CANNOT be shifted from the ?P? position with the auxiliary battery disconnected. ? If the negative (?) terminal of the auxiliary battery is reconnected, even if the Power button is in the Start mode, the hybrid system may NOT start. In this case, push the Power button and select the Start mode again to start the hybrid system (the Ready light is ON). If the hybrid system still does NOT start (the Ready light is OFF), refer to the Repair Manual.