Date Published
AUG 02, 2018
TSB Document
Region Email: Attached Region Letter has been updated. ? The descriptions for OpCodes JSD005, JSD006 JSD007, and JSD008 have been updated. Toyota previously announced Special Service Campaign J0D, which involved performing a software update to the CVT control software to address the condition described below. Following the completion of the software update in Special Service Campaign J0D, Toyota dealers received reports from some customers stating that the vehicle experienced harsh shifting and/or abnormal engine RPM between shifts. These issues occurred close to the completion date of the campaign and/or within relatively low mileage from the completion of the campaign remedy, prompting Toyota to suspend Special Service Campaign J0D. Toyota has now identified the cause of these issues and has developed a new remedy. Special Service Campaign JSD, which replaces Special Service Campaign J0D, applies this new remedy. Owners of all vehicles previously involved in Special Service Campaign J0D, including those who have previously completed Special Service Campaign J0D, are requested to visit an authorized Toyota dealer to have Special Service Campaign JSD performed.