Date Published
APR 18, 2019
TSB Document
Region Email: Toyota has received reports about potential symptoms, such as a whine noise from the transmission while driving, harsh shifting, reduced power, and master warning light/check engine light illumination, in the subject vehicles that are equipped with a model UA80 transmission. There is a possibility that a washer tab, designed to prevent the loosening of a nut inside the affected transmissions, was not sufficiently bent during assembly. This could lead to the nut loosening and, over time, lead to the symptoms described above. Although the UA80 transmission equipped in the subject vehicles is covered by Toyota?s New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first), we at Toyota care about the customers? ownership experience. Thus, Toyota is providing coverage for repairs related to damage to the UA80 transmission caused by the previously mentioned loose washer tab and resulting in the symptoms described above. The following information is provided to inform you and your staff of the program notification schedule and your degree of involvement.