Affected Component: FUEL SYSTEM, DIESEL

Date Published
JUL 29, 2014
TSB Document
2009-2015 Model Year Volkswagen TDIĀ® Clean Diesel Vehicles Registered in Minnesota Engine Codes CBEA, CJAA, CKRA, CATA, CNRB Using Biodiesel Blend Fuels: Biodiesel is a domestically produced, clean-burning and renewable partial substitute for conventional (petroleum) diesel fuel. The customers vehicle was originally designed to run on ?ULSD? - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel No. 2 ? fuel that complies with ASTM D-975 specifications and permits up to a maximum blend of 5% biodiesel (B5). Due to new Minnesota state regulations regarding biofuels, biodiesel blends of B5 or less may not be available in Minnesota. However, we want to assure you that Volkswagen will continue to honor the terms and conditions of the Volkswagen Limited Warranties that came with your vehicle.