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The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has received 12 complaints alleging the vehicle's door opened while driving in model year (MY) 2021-2023 Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen (VW). The complaints allege that these conditions are caused by the failure of the door handle assembly. The complaints received had recall remedies for recall 23V-213 or 23V-312 completed prior to the incident. Some consumers report the vehicle-??s door intermittently opens while driving with no reasonable detectability. Consumers also report the vehicle door handles will not allow occupants to enter or exit the vehicle. Vehicle doors opening while driving have a high risk of occupant ejection or excessive intrusion in a side impact collision. No injuries or fatalities have been connected to this issue to date. To address issues of water intrusion in MY 2021-?"2023 ID.4s, VW issued recalls 23V-213 and 23V-312. VW indicated the recalled population had been built with door handles that did not meet manufacturer specifications for protection against water ingress. Water ingress into the door handle can lead to door handle malfunction, including causing an -??open command-?? to the door handle. The door could open unexpectedly when the vehicle is subject to high lateral forces at speeds below 9mph/ 15kmh. The recall remedies for 23V-213 and 23V-312 requires the technician to inspect each door handle and replace, if necessary. Also, a vehicle software update is performed to update the door handle operating parameters. VW issued two separate recalls for the affected vehicles due to two different suppliers of door handle assemblies being used. ODI is opening this Recall Query (RQ) to assess the remedy effectiveness of recalls 23V-213 and 23V-312. To review the ODI reports cited in the Opening Resume ODI Report Identification Number document, go to
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