Fiat 500 Cars Recalled For Gear Shifter Failures

FCA recalls about 72,000 Fiats after 3 minor crashes caused by detached gear shift cables.

Fiat 500 Cars Recalled For Gear Shifter Failures

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— About 72,700 Fiat 500 cars are recalled to replace the shift cable bushings that may cause loose or non-functioning gear shifters that may have caused three minor crashes.

The 2012-2013 Fiat 500 shifter cable bushings on the transmission end of the shifter cables may wear down and detach from the transmissions and prevent drivers from shifting gears even though the gear shifters move normally.

However, the transmission gear will still be displayed on the instrument cluster and next to the gear shifter.

FCA says a driver won't receive warning the shifter cable has detached from the transmission, but it's possible the shifter will seem easy to move.

Fiat Chrysler (FCA US) opened an investigation that determined heat and humidity could cause the bushings to degrade and lead to the shift cable separating from the transmission linkage.

FCA had a similar problem that caused a recall of Dodge Darts, and due to that recall the automaker noticed a high rate of shift cable replacements for Fiat 500s.

As of November 7, Chrysler received more than 990 warranty claims but no crash or injury reports.

About 51,788 cars equipped with 6-speed automatic transmissions are recalled in the U.S., Canada is home to 10,627 cars, about 3,500 are recalled in Mexico and 6,826 are called back outside North America.

FCA warns owners to follow the owner's manuals concerning use of the parking brakes.

The Fiat 500 shifter cable recall is expected to begin January 4, 2020, but concerned owners may call 800-853-1403. Chrysler's number for the recall is VB4. has owner-reported complaints about Fiat 500 cars.