Honda Recalls CR-Vs Over Loose Subframe Bolts

Honda recalls 358 CR-V SUVs that may have subframe bolts missing important wax coatings.

Honda Recalls CR-Vs Over Loose Subframe Bolts

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— Honda CR-V subframe bolts have caused a recall of 358 model year 2019-2020 CR-Vs because the bolts may not have the required wax coating on them.

The bolts are used to secure the rear subframes, but without the wax coating the bolts can loosen over time. This could cause the subframe to separate and a driver to crash, although Honda says no reports of crashes or injuries have been received.

The automaker says it discovered the bolt problem while the SUVs were under inspection at the factory.

The Honda CR-V recall will begin in January 2020 when dealers will inspect and possibly replace the bolts.

Owners with questions should call 888-234-2138. has owner-reported complaints about Honda CR-Vs.