Nissan ABS Actuator Recall Issued For Risk of Fires

For the third time, Nissan recalls vehicles to replace faulty anti-lock brake system actuators.

Nissan ABS Actuator Recall Issued For Risk of Fires

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— A Nissan ABS actuator recall has been issued for the third time because the actuator pumps may leak brake fluid onto the internal circuit boards.

More than 450,000 model year 2015-2018 Nissan Murano, 2016-2018 Nissan Maxima, 2017-2019 Nissan Pathfinder and 2017-2019 Infiniti QX60 vehicles are affected. About 394,000 of those are in the U.S.

The automaker says the vehicles were recalled in 2018 but unrepaired, or they were inspected during the recall but dealerships determined they didn't need repairs.

The 2018 ABS (anti-lock brake system) actuator recall was issued for more than 215,000, and the 2018 recall followed a 2016 recall for the same problems.

Nissan says the leaking brake fluid may cause fires due to electrical short circuits of the circuit boards, and some customers need to park their vehicles outside now.

The recalled vehicles are equipped with ADVICS ABS actuators that have oil seals that don't do their job. Nissan says manufacturing problems with the die temperatures, plus poor tension of the oil seals and high temperatures of the vehicles, may affect the hardness of the oil seals.

The seals can prematurely wear and allow the brake fluid to leak.

A driver should see an ABS warning light if leaks occur, but ignoring the condition may lead to an actuator short-circuit and possibly a fire. Nissan says the warning light will stay continuously illuminated on the instrument panel while the leak is detected.

Nissan and Infiniti owners will receive interim recall notifications beginning December 2, 2019, with instructions to park their vehicles outside and contact Nissan or Infiniti Roadside Assistance to have the vehicles towed, but only if the ABS warning lights stay illuminated for longer than 10 seconds.

Dealerships will replace the ABS actuators with newly designed parts.

Nissan will send affected owners second notifications to bring the vehicles in for repairs when additional replacement actuators are available in summer 2020.

If you own one of the recalled Infiniti or Nissan vehicles and have questions, call the automaker at 800-867-7669. has complaints about Nissan Muranos, Nissan Maximas, Nissan Pathfinders and Infiniti QX60 vehicles.