Audi A6 Recall Issued For Fire Dangers

Audi recalls nearly 5,500 cars with defective starter generators.

Audi A6 Recall Issued For Fire Dangers

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— Model year 2019-2020 Audi A6 cars are recalled if they are equipped with mild-hybrid technology and 2-liter TFSI engines.

Audi says moisture may enter the starter generator and cause an electrical short-circuit, increasing the risk of a fire.

In December 2019 Audi learned of two new Audi A5 cars which caught fire in a China railway container, sending engineers into an investigation Audi describes as "intense."

The supplier was contacted and in February 2020 the company made changes to the starter generators to prevent moisture from entering the generators. However, this still left nearly 5,500 A6 vehicles equipped with the faulty starter generators because only A6 models in the U.S. contain the affected parts.

The automaker says the inverter inside the belt starter generator is coated with plastic moulding which can crack and allow moisture into the generator inverter.

More than 5,470 Audi A6 cars are recalled in the U.S., and 22 are recalled in Canada.

The Audi A6 starter generator recall will begin May 15, 2020. Audi dealers will replace the generators, but concerned car owners may call the automaker at 800-893-5298.

A6 owners should refer to recall number 27H2.