BMW CV Joint Recall Affects 328d xDrives

BMW recalls 10,300 328d xDrive sedans and wagons that may lose power to the rear wheels.

BMW CV Joint Recall Affects 328d xDrives

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— BMW is recalling 2013-2016 328d xDrive sedans and 2013-2015 BMW 328d xDrive station wagons because the constant velocity (CV) joints may become damaged, causing a loss of power to the rear wheels.

More than 10,300 cars are affected by the CV joint recall, with 8,536 in the U.S. and 1,798 recalled in Canada.

In September 2017, BMW received a U.S. report related to a transfer case malfunction. Engineers thought it was related to oil contamination which caused the vehicle to jerk.

But in 2018 and 2019, additional field cases were reported and there was an increasing number of warranty claims, with several customers reporting a loss of transmission power. In addition, some cases left the vehicles inoperative.

Even with the transmissions set to PARK, BMW dealers were reporting the vehicles could roll away.

In 2020 engineers investigated how vibrations were affecting the components and how the angle of the rear powertrain may contribute to the problem.

This CV joint connects the output shaft of the transfer case to the rear driveshaft, but engine vibrations may cause micro-friction corrosion to the output shaft. This can cause excessive wear of the output shaft spline and the connection to the rear driveshaft, causing a loss of power to the rear wheels.

BMW says vehicle owners should use the parking brakes to prevent the vehicles from rolling away.

Dealers will replace the CV joints and if needed, replace the transfer cases when the recall begins May 18, 2020.

BMW 328d xDrive owners may call 800-525-7417.