Infiniti Driveshaft Recall: M56, M35 Hybrid, Q70 and Q70 Hybrid

Infiniti recalls more than 2,700 vehicles to replace driveshafts that may break.

Infiniti Driveshaft Recall: M56, M35 Hybrid, Q70 and Q70 Hybrid

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— An Infiniti driveshaft recall includes more than 2,700 vehicles with driveshafts that may break. The recalled vehicles include 2011-2013 Infiniti M56, 2012-2013 M35 Hybrid, 2014 Q70 and 2014 Infiniti Q70 Hybrid vehicles.

These vehicles are equipped with 2WD and hybrid or VK56 powertrains.

Nissan/Infiniti learned about possible driveshaft problems in December 2019 when reports from Japan said driveshafts were breaking, but Infiniti couldn't find any reports about broken driveshafts in the U.S. After months of investigations, Infiniti found only two Japanese reports but no reports elsewhere.

After speaking with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Infiniti decided to issue the recall even though the automaker believes only 1% of the vehicles may be at risk of driveshaft failures.

The automaker says the driveshaft design simply isn't strong and durable enough, especially when a vehicle quickly accelerates from low speeds. In addition to losing the ability to move forward if the driveshaft breaks, a vehicle may also lose its parking brake which increases the odds of a rollaway.

The Infiniti driveshaft recall is expected to begin January 29, 2021, when dealerships will begin replacing the driveshafts.

Infiniti owners who have concerns may contact Infiniti customer service at 800-662-6200.