Tesla Crash in Gardena, California, Investigated By Feds

Federal investigators head to Gardena following Tesla Model S crash that killed two.

Tesla Crash in Gardena, California, Investigated By Feds

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— A fatal Tesla crash in Gardena, California, will be investigated by a special investigation team from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The December 29 crash killed two people, but no information has been released concerning the use of Autopilot in the 2016 Tesla Model S.

According to preliminary reports, the Model S was traveling at a high rate of speed when it exited Gardena (91) Freeway and ran a red light. The Tesla was traveling southbound on Vermont Avenue when it slammed into the driver's side of a 2006 Honda Civic turning left onto Artesia Boulevard.

The 40-year-old male Civic driver and his 39-year-old female passenger were killed, while two occupants in the Tesla were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

NHTSA's team of crash investigators are also investigating a recent Tesla crash that involves the use of the driver-assist technology, Autopilot. In what might be another case of automation complacency, the Connecticut Model 3 driver said Autopilot was engaged as he reached into the back seat to check on his dog.

The Model 3 slammed into the rear of a Connecticut State Police vehicle that was stopped to assist with a disabled vehicle on Interstate 95 in Norwalk. Even with flashing lights and flares placed behind the police vehicle, the Model 3 driver took no action to avoid the December 7 crash.

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