Toyota Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Recall For 3.3 Million Vehicles

Toyota ECU electrical noise can cause seat belt pretensioner and airbag failures.

Toyota Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Recall For 3.3 Million Vehicles

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— A Toyota electronic control unit (ECU) recall has been issued for about 3.3 million vehicles that may suffer airbag and seat belt pretensioner failures.

The U.S. Toyota ECU recall includes about 2.9 million of these vehicles.

  • 2011-2019 Toyota Corolla
  • 2011-2013 Toyota Matrix
  • 2012-2018 Toyota Avalon
  • 2013-2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

In Canada, more than 407,000 of these models are recalled for the same problems: 2011-2019 Toyota Corolla, 2011-2014 Toyota Matrix and 2012-2018 Toyota Avalon.

The automaker says the ECUs receive signals from crash sensors and then deploy the airbags and seat belt pretensioners. But the electronic control units may have problems with electrical noise that can interfere with the signals.

This may cause partial or complete airbag failures, a problem that can allegedly be fixed by installing noise filters.

Toyota says dealerships will install noise filters between the airbag control modules and wire harnesses.

Affected owners will receive ECU recall notices in March 2020, but concerned U.S. owners may call 800-331-4331, and Canadian customers may call 888-869-6828. has complaints from drivers of the vehicles named in the Toyota ECU recall.