BMW Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Cornering Lights

2021 BMW 430i owner says his vehicle was supposed to have LED cornering headlights.

BMW Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Cornering Lights

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— A BMW class action lawsuit alleges 2021 BMW 430i and 2021 BMW 430i xDrive vehicles have problems with the LED headlights.

According to the lawsuit, the LED headlights are supposed to be "cornering lights" to help BMW drivers when driving around corners at night.

The plaintiff who sued alleges the 2021 BMW 430i and 430i xDrive vehicles are marketed and sold as equipped with LED cornering lights when in fact the vehicles don't have cornering lights.

"According to BMW, a Cornering Light serves as 'an extra source of brightness around dark curves. They are activated when the front wheels are turned, increasing visibility around corners and illuminating otherwise hidden objects like curbs or street signs.'" — BMW class action lawsuit

The BMW lawsuit alleges the LED cornering lights are marketed as a safety feature for the vehicles and drivers may rely on the cornering lights when they don't exist.

The BMW class action alleges the Monroney stickers (window stickers) for the 2021 BMW 430i and 430i xDrive vehicles specifically say the LED headlight cornering lights are a standard safety feature. And according to the plaintiff, the cornering lights are listed under the “Safety and Security” section of the window stickers.

The BMW class action lawsuit was filed after Florida plaintiff Garry Porter, Jr., received a letter from the automaker.

The plaintiff purchased a 2021 BMW 430i in December 2020 believing the vehicle was equipped with LED cornering headlights. But in January 2021, the plaintiff received the BMW letter which said his vehicle did not have cornering lights.

Contrary to the window sticker, the BMW vehicle is equipped with standard LED headlights and not the cornering lights listed on the window sticker.

The class action alleges the plaintiff contacted BMW in April about the missing cornering lights feature but the plaintiff says, "BMW refused to provide any assistance to him."

The plaintiff says his LED headlights will not provide the advertised and promised brightness around dark curves.

BMW designed and manufactured the vehicles and allegedly knew or should have known the 2021 BMW 430i and BMW 430i xDrive vehicles did not contain LED cornering headlights.

The BMW class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey: Garry Porter, Jr., v. BMW of North America, LLC.

The plaintiff is represented by Miller Shah LLP.