BMW Squeaky Brakes Cause Class Action Lawsuit

BMW M compound brakes are allegedly defective and emit high-pitched loud squealing noise.

BMW Squeaky Brakes Cause Class Action Lawsuit

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— BMW squeaky brakes have caused a class action lawsuit that alleges M compound brakes are defective and cause extremely loud high-pitched squealing noise.

The class action lawsuit includes all former and current owners and lessees of BMW vehicles equipped with M compound brakes.

Repeated trips to dealerships did nothing to fix the noise according to California plaintiff Alber Karamanoukian who filed the BMW squeaky brakes lawsuit.

The plaintiff leased a 2020 M8 Convertible on November 4, 2020, and two weeks later he took the vehicle to a dealer because of the squeaky brakes.

By July 9, 2021, the plaintiff had brought the vehicle to the dealership 10 times because of the loud brakes. But each time the brakes were inspected, BMW technicians said the noise was normal with high-performance brakes.

Additionally, the plaintiff was informed about BMW service information bulletin 34 10 19.

"Inform the customer during a consultation that the M Compound (standard equipment) and M Carbon Ceramic (optional) brakes are high-performance brake systems which are designed for sporty, dynamic driving styles. As a side effect of the highest possible brake performance, customers are likely to hear noises due to the extremely resilient materials. In the same conversation, inform the customer that his/her braking performance can help ensure that the noises do not occur or disappear quickly." — BMW TSB 341019

According to the class action lawsuit, the M compound brakes are fixed-caliper brakes fitted onto both the front and rear axles. The front axle holds four pistons while the rear axle has two pistons.

“M compound brakes have a grey-cast friction ring in a floating arrangement that is connected by pins to the aluminum brake cover. The pin assembly means that as the temperature increases, it can expand freely in a radial direction and subsequently cool down again without any residual deformation.” — BMW

BMW advises on the first full tank of gas drivers should refrain from using maximum deceleration on the brakes and avoid hard emergency braking to allow the M compound brakes a “running-in” period when the brake pads get accustomed to the brake discs.

BMW Squeaky Brakes Are Allegedly Dangerous

The lawsuit alleges BMW owners complain about the negative attention the squeaky brakes gets them while driving, including "the attention of officers of law enforcement agencies, who associate brake squeals with high-speed driving and racing."

The class action also alleges the squeaking brake noise exposes occupants and others on the roads to an "increased risk of accident, injury, or death."

Because BMW drivers allegedly depend on squealing brakes to indicate the need for repairs, drivers allegedly won't know when the brakes need repairs.

The BMW squeaky brakes lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California: Alber Karamanoukian, v. BMW of North America, Inc., et al.

The plaintiff is represented by the Margarian Law Firm.