Ford Bronco Sport Moonroofs May Fly Away

Ford recalls Bronco Sports because the moonroof glass panels adhesive bond may be too weak.

Ford Bronco Sport Moonroofs May Fly Away

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—  Ford Bronco Sport moonroofs may need to be replaced because there is a chance the glass panels could fly away from the vehicles.

The 2021 Bronco Sport moonroof recall involves more than 1,200 Bronco Sport vehicles with moonroof glass panels which may not have been bonded correctly to the moonroof frames. About 211 of those vehicles are recalled in Canada.

The moonroof can detach and hit other vehicles, pedestrians, surrounding property or come to rest on a highway for other vehicles to hit.


Ford learned of a problem with the adhesive moonroof bond in August due to problems at the supplier between April 23 and April 24, 2021. Ford engineers opened an investigation and found four Bronco warranty claims related to the moonroofs.

The automaker also determined there was insufficient primer curing time prior to installing the moonroof frame, leaving the adhesion too weak to hold the glass panel.

Ford Bronco Sport occupants may hear wind noise or notice water leaks if the moonroof glass is coming loose.

According to Ford, the replacement moonroof glass panel, part number M1PZ-78500A18-A, is properly primed and cured.

Ford Bronco Sport moonroof recall notices will be mailed November 29, 2021. Ford dealers will need to inspect the moonroof glass date codes and possibly replace the glass.

Ford Bronco Sport owners may contact Ford at 866-436-7332 and ask about recall reference number 21S46.