Ford F-150 Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

Ford and the F-150 lawsuit plaintiff settle the class action which alleges the paint peels.

Ford F-150 Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

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— A Ford F-150 class action lawsuit has been dismissed after the plaintiff alleged the aluminum side panels, hoods and roofs corrode because the paint bubbles and peels away.

The one Ford F-150 owner who filed the class action lawsuit claims the paint peeled on the roof, hood and side panel, followed by corrosion of the body.

The plaintiff says a dealer technician told Ford there was probably defective primer applied to the truck, not defective paint. The technician allegedly said the evidence showed the paint simply didn't stick to the primer.

The class action lawsuit says Ford allegedly knows about F-150 paint and primer problems based on technical service bulletins (TSBs) issued to dealerships.

The F-150 class action mentions how Ford had always used steel for their trucks but switched to aluminum to make the trucks lighter and more fuel efficient.

One TSB (04-25-1) goes back to 2004 because of complaints about 2004 Ford F-150 trucks with bubbling under the paint on the aluminum body. Ford said corrosion of the aluminum was caused by iron particles entering the aluminum body before it was painted.

Model year 2004-2007 Ford F-150s were mentioned in TSB 06-25-15 because of corroded aluminum, and TSB 16-0028 informed dealers about aluminum corrosion in 2004-2016 Ford F-150 trucks.

Another bulletin (TSB 17-0062 for 2002-2017 F-150s) went so far as to tell technicians to replace any aluminum body panels that were corroded.

According to the F-150 class action lawsuit, an extended warranty offered by Ford really doesn't help truck owners because the warranty says the aluminum must perforate. The plaintiff says this won't happen because aluminum will never perforate.

Ford F-150 Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

According to court documents, Ford and the plaintiff resolved the lawsuit to the satisfaction of both parties.

"Pursuant to Local Rule 83.13(b), it is respectfully requested that the Court direct the Clerk to remove any upcoming deadlines and dates for this matter from its calendar and that the Court provide Plaintiff and Defendant with twenty-eight (28) days with which to complete their settlement and file a Stipulation of Dismissal pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(A)(ii)."

The Ford F-150 class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee, Western Division: Tina Nelson, v. Ford Motor Company.

The plaintiff is represented by Glassman, Wyatt, Tuttle & Cox, P.C., and McGuire Law, P.C.