Ford Transit Wheels and Tires May Fall Off: Recall

Ford recalls more than 2,500 Transit T150, T250 and T350 vans equipped with aluminum allow wheels.

Ford Transit Wheels and Tires May Fall Off: Recall

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— A Ford Transit recall includes more than 2,500 Transits equipped with aluminum allow wheels with wheel mounting surfaces of the axle flanges that may warp.

This can cause the wheel studs to fracture and the wheels can detach. Ford says aluminum wheels are susceptible because they may not flex enough to conform to an axle shaft flange manufactured with the wrong specifications.

The 2019 Ford Transit T150, T250 and T350 axle shaft flanges can cause a loss of clamp load on the wheel studs. One or more attaching studs could break, but if all the studs fracture the wheel and tire will fall off while driving.

An identical incident is what caused Ford to first learn about the problem.

The Kansas City assembly plant issued a stop sale in July 2019 for Ford Transits after receiving a complaint about a rear wheel that separated when all five wheel studs broke.

Engineers investigated the incident and found the stud fractures were likely related to flange flatness on certain axle shafts that did not meet specifications.

Ford learned about seven reports where the Transit studs fractured but didn't lead to wheel separations. The problem was monitored as Ford noted a declining trend through early 2020, but that reversed at the end of 2020 into 2021.

Ford then realized the declining trend may have been due to the COVID-19 virus as van owners drove less miles.

Van drivers noticed noise or vibrations and typically found the fractured studs during routine maintenance of the Transit vans.

The automaker says it isn't aware of any crash or injury reports related to the axle flanges.

Ford dealerships will inspect and possibly replace the rear axle shaft assemblies, axle shaft mounting bolts and rear wheel lug nuts.

Transit owner notification letters are expected to be mailed June 21, 2021. But customers with questions may call 866-436-7332 and ask about recall number 21S21.