Nissan Rogue Fuel Pump Recall Issued After Engines Stalled

Nissan recalls 27,000 Rogues with fuel pumps that can overheat and melt.

Nissan Rogue Fuel Pump Recall Issued After Engines Stalled

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— A Nissan Rogue fuel pump recall has been issued for nearly 27,000 model year 2021 Rogue SUVs because the fuel pumps can overheat and fail.

A failed fuel pump will cause the Rogue engine to stall, and a driver won't be able to restart the vehicle.

A Nissan Rogue owner won't know of a problem until the fuel pump fails.

Nissan says an assembly problem at the supplier (TI Automotive Japan Gunma) can cause the fuel pumps to experience abnormal wear between the fuel pump brush and commutator.

This can lead to excessive heat levels, melted components and failed Rogue fuel pumps.

Nissan learned in March about field reports that said Rogue fuel pumps were failing and causing illuminated warning lights and stalled engines.

Nissan opened an investigation to collect the returned fuel pumps for testing to determine how and why the pumps failed. The automaker also found 87 Rogue warranty claims alleging the engines stalled while driving in a seven-month period.

The supplier finally determined operator error on the fuel pump assembly line caused the problem. Nissan also determined no crashes or injuries have been reported related to the fuel pumps.

The Nissan Rogue fuel pump recall includes nearly 2,200 SUVs in Canada.

Nissan dealers will replace the Rogue fuel pump assemblies once recall notices are mailed January 26, 2022.

To learn more about the Nissan Rogue fuel pump recall, call the automaker at 800-867-7669 and ask about recall number R21B8.