Porsche Macan Passenger Airbags May Fail: Recall

Porsche recalls nearly 40,000 SUVs to replace the passenger occupancy sensor mats.

Porsche Macan Passenger Airbags May Fail: Recall

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— Porsche Macan front passenger seat sensors may not detect when passengers are in the seats, causing Porsche to announce a recall of nearly 40,000 of these SUVs.

  • 2017-2018 Porsche Macan
  • 2017-2018 Porsche Macan Turbo Kits
  • 2017-2018 Porsche Macan GTS
  • 2015-2018 Porsche Macan S
  • 2015-2018 Porsche Macan Turbo

The Macan front passenger seat occupancy sensor mats are the problem because they can degrade and fail to detect front passenger seat occupants. This will prevent the airbags from deploying.

In 2017 Porsche recalled more than 17,000 model year 2015-2017 Macans to replace the BodySense Generation 1 front passenger seat occupancy sensors. Porsche monitored vehicles that weren't included in the Macan recall but by 2020 couldn't find a defect trend.

But in January 2021, the automaker received complaints about BodySense Generation 2 sensor mats. Porsche discovered cracks in the conductive fabric within the sensor mats due to weak material.

A driver may notice the airbag warning light or the "Passenger Airbag OFF" light.

The Porsche Macans will receive optimized sensor mats and seat cushions, and customers who have paid out-of-pocket for repairs may be eligible for reimbursements.

The Porsche Macan recall is expected to begin May 2, 2021.

Macan owners with questions should call Porsche at 800-767-7243 and use recall reference number AMA2.