Porsche Taycan Recall Closes Investigation Into Stalling

Porsche Taycan owners complained their electric cars lost forward motion.

Porsche Taycan Recall Closes Investigation Into Stalling

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— The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has closed a Porsche Taycan investigation into stalling incidents in 2020-2021 electric cars.

More than 12,100 Porsche Taycans are involved in the investigation to determine why the cars lose motive power while driving.

The cars lose forward motion without warning as drivers see error messages indicating battery problems during or after the cars stalled.

A Porsche Taycan uses a a pulse-controlled inverter mounted on each of the two drive modules on the front and rear axles. According to Porsche, software continuously monitors end-to-end communication between the electronic control units (ECUs).

But in some instances the software can incorrectly detect a faulty communication, then an error memory entry is set and the powertrain shuts down. The Taycan will stall and the car will show a warning message that says, "Motor control error. Stop vehicle in a safe place."

Investigators found 88 complaints about stalled Porsche Taycans, but NHTSA says the automaker has now corrected the software errors and conducted a recall to repair the electric cars.

Safety regulators closed the Taycan investigation based on the Porsche recall.