Ram ProMaster City Vans Recalled Over Turn Signals

Chrysler recalls 25,000 vans because the instrument panel turn signal lights may not work correctly.

Ram ProMaster City Vans Recalled Over Turn Signals

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— Nearly 24,000 Ram ProMaster City vans are recalled because of problems if the turn signal indicator lights fail in the 2019-2021 vans.

Another 1,000 Ram vans are recalled in Canada.

A turn signal indicator on the instrument panel should flash differently if a turn signal fails. This is to warn a driver if the one or both of the turn signals fail and cannot be seen by other drivers.

But the Ram ProMaster City vans have turn signal indicator lights that flash normally if the bulbs fail.

Chrysler says the body control modules may have diagnostic issues that prevent the instrument panels from changing the frequency of the turn signal light indicators when turn signal bulbs are out.

The defects are in ProMaster City vans built April 15, 2019, to June 17, 2021, and the diagnostic problem is a violation of safety standards.

"Failure of one or more turn signal lamps such that the minimum photometric performance specified in Tables VI or VII is not being met must be indicated by the turn signal pilot indicator by a "steady on", "steady off", or by a significant change in the flashing rate [...]" — Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108 S9.3.6

Chrysler will mail owner recall notices November 10, 2021. Chrysler dealers will need to update the body controller module software.

Ram ProMaster City owners who want to know more may call 800-853-1403 and ask about recall number Y71.