More Than 510,000 Ram Trucks Recalled Over Lugnuts

Ram truck owner's manuals have incorrect lugnut torque specifications.

More Than 510,000 Ram Trucks Recalled Over Lugnuts

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— Stellantis (Chrysler) is recalling more than 510,000 Ram trucks because the lugnuts may be too tight because the service and owner's manuals may be wrong.

About 446,643 model year 2012-2021 Ram 3500 pickups, and 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cab trucks are recalled in the U.S., more than 31,000 trucks are recalled in Canada and 104 are recalled outside North America.

In addition, about 32,365 Ram 4000 Chassis Cab trucks are recalled in Mexico.

The affected Ram trucks are equipped with dual rear wheels and flanged lugnuts.

The problem was discovered during routine customer data analysis which caused Chrysler to open an investigation which determined the owner's manuals had the incorrect lugnut torque instructions.

Lugnuts that are too tight could cause the wheel studs to weaken and lead to separated wheels.

The trucks came off the assembly lines without the problem, so there shouldn't be any problems unless the wheels have been removed for service.

Chrysler is unaware of any crashes or injuries caused by the problem, but dealers will need to inspect and possibly replace the Ram wheel studs. The owner's manuals will also be updated.

The automaker didn't announce when the Ram truck recall will begin, but concerned owners may call 800-853-1403.