Toyota Camry Recalled Over Brake Vacuum Pump Problems

Toyota recalls nearly 235,000 Camry cars at risk of losing their power brakes.

Toyota Camry Recalled Over Brake Vacuum Pump Problems

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— A Toyota Camry brake vacuum pump recall involves nearly 235,000 model year 2018-2019 cars in the U.S. and Canada that could lose power braking.

According to Toyota, the cars could lose power brake assist if certain vacuum pump components prematurely wear out, although non-power braking will still be functional.

The Toyota Camry uses a mechanical vacuum pump and brake booster to provide power braking. The pump has a vane that turns inside the body to supply vacuum to the brake booster, and a cap on each end of the vane helps it to maintain contact with the pump.

But Toyota says the cap material can wear out when the Camry is used during frequent braking or long idle periods.

The cap can break if it becomes stuck between the vane and the pump housing, potentially breaking other components inside and/or connected to the pump. This would prevent the vacuum pump from supplying vacuum to the brake booster.

The Toyota Camry vacuum pump recall includes 227,400 cars in the U.S. and 7,302 in Canada.

Toyota Camry owners will be notified about the brake vacuum pump recall in December 2021, but owners with questions should call 800-331-4331.