Audi Fuel Pump Recall Involves Q7 and Q8 SUVs

Audi recalls 50,000 Q7 and Q8 SUVs with fuel delivery modules that may break.

Audi Fuel Pump Recall Involves Q7 and Q8 SUVs

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— An Audi fuel pump recall has been announced for about 50,000 Q7 and Q8 vehicles that will stall once the fuel pumps fail.

Recalled are 2019-2021 Audi Q8 and 2020-2021 Audi Q7 vehicles with components inside the fuel pumps that may break.

Audi says a broken fuel delivery module inside the fuel tank may break and the fragments can damage the sealing membrane in the pressue regulator.

"This may lead to a failure of the fuel delivery module and the instrument cluster will display the "Emission control system" indicator light. In rare cases and under certain circumstances, however, there may be a sudden loss of engine power or the vehicle may break down without a warning appearing beforehand. A fuel leak due to this failure can be ruled out." — Audi

In May 2020, Audi noticed an increase of warranty claims for Q7 and Q8 fuel delivery modules, and in November 2021 Audi announced a warranty extension of 15 years or 150,000 miles.

Between 2019 and July 2022, Audi received 74 warranty claims for Q7 and Q8 vehicles alleging a loss of motive power while driving due to fuel pump failures.

Audi fuel pump recall letters will be mailed September 16, 2022, and dealerships will replace the Q7 and Q8 fuel pumps.

Audi owners may contact Audi at 800-253-2834 and ask about fuel pump recall number 20DR.