Audi Q3 Fuel Tank Recall Issued To Possibly Replace Tanks

Audi recalls 13,000 Q3 SUVs after owners have trouble while refueling.

Audi Q3 Fuel Tank Recall Issued To Possibly Replace Tanks

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— An Audi Q3 fuel tank recall has been announced for more than 13,000 SUVs that may have damaged vent pipes within the gas tanks.

The recalled 2021-2022 Audi Q3 vent pipes may have been damaged due to sharp edges on the tools used to grip parts in position during assembly.

A damaged fuel tank vent pipe could allow fuel to spill from the filler neck when the gas cap is opened.

The automaker discovered the problem in March while trying to refuel several Audi Q3 SUVs, and in April customers began complaining about fuel spilling from the filler necks.

The fuel filler cap may leak if fuel enters the vent pipe and rises to the gas cap due to pressure in the gas tank. In addition to fuel spilling out of the filler neck when removing the cap, a driver may have trouble with the pump kicking off when trying to add fuel to the tank.

No crashes or injuries have been reported, but Audi is aware of about 200 warranty claims related to the fuel tanks.

Audi Q3 fuel tank recall letters will be mailed November 4, 2022, and dealers will check the vent pipes for damage and possibly replace the charcoal canisters and the fuel tanks.

The internal vent pipe will be checked for damage by pressurizing the fuel tank. The fuel tank and the charcoal canister will then be replaced if gas spills out the fuel filler neck.

Owners of 2021-2022 Audi Q3 SUVs may call 800-253-2834 and ask about fuel tank recall 20DS.