Ford F-150 Driveshaft Recall Expanded

Ford F-150 driveshafts broke in trucks that were not included in a 2021 F-150 driveshaft recall.

Ford F-150 Driveshaft Recall Expanded

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— A Ford F-150 driveshaft recall involves more than 58,000 model year 2021-2022 F-150 trucks equipped with underbody heat and noise insulators that may loosen and contact the aluminum driveshafts.

This could damage the F-150 driveshafts and cause them to break.

Ford opened an internal investigation in May after reports of broken F-150 aluminum driveshafts that occurred in F-150 trucks that were not included in a December 2021 driveshaft recall.

Engineers found underbody insulators which were installed by mistake on certain F-150 Crew Cab trucks that were neither designed nor intended to be built with underbody insulators.

If the underbody insulators loosen and contact the aluminum driveshaft, the driveshaft could become scored (marked) and result in a reduction in thickness. That local section may become overloaded which can cause the driveshaft to fracture.

A busted driveshaft will prevent the F-150 from moving forward and could also allow the truck to roll away even with the transmission in PARK.

Ford F-150 owners should use their parking brakes.

A Ford F-150 truck owner may notice loose underbody insulators or hear noise when the insulators make contact with the driveshaft.

As of August 3, Ford is aware of four warranty reports in the U.S. for fractured aluminum driveshafts due to apparent underbody insulator contact on F-150 trucks not intended to be equipped with the underbody insulators.

However, Ford is not aware of any crash or injury reports.

Ford F-150 driveshaft recall letters are expected to be mailed September 5, 2022, and dealers plan on repairing the driveshafts and attaching the underbody insulators if they are supposed to be installed.

Ford F-150 owners with questions may call 866-436-7332 and refer to driveshaft recall number 21S53.