Ford Recalls Escapes For Detached Gear Shift Cables

Ford says 2015 Escapes may seem to be in PARK even though they aren't.

Ford Recalls Escapes For Detached Gear Shift Cables

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— A Ford Escape recall involves more than 96,000 vehicles that may not shift into the intended gear, may move in an unexpected direction or the Escapes may roll after the driver shifts into PARK.

The 2015 Ford Escapes, equipped with 2-liter engines, have shift cable bushings that may detach. Those bushings attach the shifter cables to the transmissions, and a detached shift cable can cause the above symptoms.

According to Ford, the bushing can breakdown and detach due to heat and humidity.

Ford says if the 2015 Ford Escape ignition is on, the correct transmission gear will display on the instrument cluster but it may not match with the position of the gear shift lever. It's also possible the Escape won't start if the gear shift lever indicates the transmission is in PARK.

A 2015 Ford Escape driver won't receive a warning message or audible chime, so owners should always use the parking brakes.

Ford dealers will replace the underhood shifter bushings and add protective caps over the shift cable bushings.

Ford Escape recall notices are expected to be mailed May 9, 2022.

Ford Escape owners may contact Ford at 866-436-7332 and use recall reference number 22S25.