Ford Recalls Transits That May Have Instrument Panel Problems

More than 30,000 Ford Transit vans may lose their telltale warning lights and gauges.

Ford Recalls Transits That May Have Instrument Panel Problems

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— A 2022 Ford Transit recall involves more than 30,000 vans equipped with instrument panel clusters that may have warning lights and gauges that fail.

The Ford Transit instrument panel cluster may not illuminate the telltale warning lights or gauges, a problem first discovered at the Kansas City assembly plant in May.

The 2022 Ford Transit van instrument panel cluster illuminated a few telltale warning lights when the ignition was turned on at startup. But gauges, other warning lights and the speedometer and tachometer pointers failed.

Ford fixed the problem by replacing the instrument panel cluster.

Ford determined 61 instrument panel cluster warranty claims were filed on the Transits which were built between January 3, 2022, and April 1, 2022. Additionally, all the claims involved 4.2” monochromatic clusters, and engineers found the problem occurred only when the Transits were started, not while driving.

According to federal regulations, some telltales must be illuminated at startup and others must be consistently illuminated.

"The symptoms have not been reproducible through the evaluation of returned field parts. The cause for this issue remains unknown at this time; however, the symptoms have been duplicated via component testing with modified software." — Ford

Ford is not aware of any crashes or injuries caused by the instrument panel problems.

Ford Transit recall notices will be mailed July 25, 2022. Ford says dealers can fix the problem by updating the instrument panel cluster software.

Ford Transit customers may call the automaker at 866-436-7332. Ford's instrument panel cluster recall number is 22C11.