Hyundai Ioniq Hybrids Recalled Again Following Fires

Hyundai recalls 10,500 Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles after rear seat fires from relays.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrids Recalled Again Following Fires

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— Hyundai has issued a second power relay recall involving more than 10,500 model year 2017-2018 Ioniq Hybrid electric vehicles and Ionic Plug-in Hybrid vehicles previously recalled in October 2018.

The Hyundai Ioniq power relay assemblies located under the rear seats may overheat and catch fire.

According to Hyundai, the Ioniqs may not have received the correct repair components during the 2018 recall. The recall was for an electrical pin fit condition on the main relays within the power relay assemblies.

Operating the vehicles in this condition could increase electrical resistance and create heat and fire.

If there are loose connections between the main relay contacts, a Hyundai driver will see warning lights and have trouble starting the Ioniq.

The problem goes back to March 2018 when a Korean Kia Niro suffered heat damage on the rear seat, leading to a Niro Hybrid recall.

What followed was a 2017 Ioniq that caught fire in June 2021 even though the vehicle had been repaired during the earlier recall.

Two more 2017 Ioniq vehicles also caught fire and both had been previously repaired, but Hyundai and the supplier found a strange problem.

"Hyundai found that both vehicles were still equipped with the original factory-installed relays despite both vehicle’s repair history displaying the remedy for Recall 178 was previously applied. The prior remedy for each inspected vehicle was applied by separate dealers." — Hyundai

Hyundai found nine fire reports between June 26, 2021, and March 6, 2022. However, there are no confirmed crashes or injuries in the U.S.

This recall replaces the 2018 recall, which means vehicles already allegedly repaired in 2018 will need to be repaired again.

Hyundai dealers may need to replace the main relays or the power relay assemblies.

Ioniq recall letters are expected to be mailed August 26, 2022, but owners with questions may call 855-371-9460.

Hyundai's power relay assembly recall number is 232.