Kia Recalls 2023 Sportage Following 2 Fires

Kia recalls nearly 20,000 model year 2023 Sportage vehicles after loose nuts cause fires.

Kia Recalls 2023 Sportage Following 2 Fires

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— It may be 2022, but Kia has already recalled nearly 20,000 of its 2023 Sportage vehicles right from the get-go.

According to Kia, the Sportage alternator battery positive terminal nut may loosen and cause a stalled engine or even a fire due to electrical arcing at the B+ terminal.

In May, Kia learned about a complaint made to a dealer regarding a 2023 Kia Sportage that wouldn't start. The dealer found a loose alternator cable and thermal damage to the alternator, wire harness and intake manifold.

Kia then received a second report in July from a dealer concerning a customer who complained the 2023 Sportage lost power, shut off and wouldn't start. The Kia dealer found melting of the alternator B+ terminal and nut.

Kia is aware of two 2023 Sportage fires, one that involved melting at the B+ terminal and one with localized damage around the alternator. But Kia says it is unaware of any fatalities, injuries or crashes.

Kia says the alternator battery positive (B+) terminal nut ensures the electrical connection is maintained between the battery wire harness terminal plate and the alternator B+ terminal. But the B+ terminal nut may not have been properly torqued by the supplier during assembly.

A Sportage driver may notice an illuminated charging system warning light.

Kia Sportage recall letters will be mailed September 23, 2022, and Kia dealers will tighten any loose alternator B+ terminal nuts.

Kia Sportage owners may contact Kia at 800-333-4542. Kia's number for this recall is SC248.