Mercedes-Benz Recalls EQS 450, EQS 580 and AMG EQS 53

Mercedes-Benz recalls 2,500 vehicles that could experience towing problems.

Mercedes-Benz Recalls EQS 450, EQS 580 and AMG EQS 53

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— Mercedes-Benz has tow ring problems on 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450, EQS 580 and AMG EQS 53 vehicles with front or rear bumper tow rings that may detach from the vehicles.

Mercedes says about 2,500 vehicles are included because of "insufficient thread depth" of the towing eye thread point.

"In this case, the required thread depth for the tow eye in the bumper might not be sufficient. As a result, it cannot be ruled out that the connection to the tow eye may loosen when installed, increasing the risk of an accident or injury during vehicle loading and transport."

In December 2021, investigations were opened based on an internal finding regarding the tow point which "indicated the usage of an incorrect tow eye in the logistics process of vehicles."

Mercedes says there are no warranty claims, field or service reports or crashes or injuries. Additionally, a driver won't receive any advance notice of a problem.

Mercedes-Benz expects to mail recall notices August 30, 2022, and dealers will possibly replace the tow ring assembly threads.

Mercedes-Benz owners with questions should call 800-367-6372.