Porsche Cayennes Recalled For Rear Suspension Problems

Porsche recalls more than 1,340 Cayennes that were originally recalled for rear axle issues.

Porsche Cayennes Recalled For Rear Suspension Problems

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— A Porsche Cayenne recall includes more than 1,340 model year 2021-2022 Cayenne vehicles that were recalled in April 2021.

The previous Cayenne recall was issued because Porsche had problems with the trailing arm lock nuts on the rear axles.

Porsche said the lock nuts could corrode prematurely from stress and result in a loose threaded connection.

The suspension could move around too much and cause a driver control problems while driving the Cayenne.

Rear axle suspension alignment was not originally included in the 2021 recall repairs, possibly resulting in changes in the rear wheel alignment and causing uneven tire wear.

Audi was receiving European reports of uneven tire wear in November 2021 which convinced Porsche to open an investigation into the tire wear.

In addition to finding problems with Audi rear suspensions, engineers discovered the same problems with the Porsche Cayennes.

Porsche says it isn't aware of any crashes caused by the rear suspension problems.

A Porsche Cayenne driver may notice changes in the steering wheel, or may see areas where the tires are worn.

Porsche dealerships will check the rear axle suspension alignment and adjust it if needed. The tires will also be checked for uneven wear due to misalignment and if necessary dealers will replace the tires.

Porsche Cayenne recall notices will be mailed March 29, 2022.

Cayenne owners may contact Porsche customer service at 800-767-7243 and ask about recall number ANA1.