Porsche Taycans Recalled For Front Seat Wire Harnesses

Porsche recalls 9,500 Taycan vehicles because the airbags could fail from damaged wire harnesses.

Porsche Taycans Recalled For Front Seat Wire Harnesses

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— A Porsche Taycan recall involves more than 9,500 model year 2020-2021 Taycans with front driver and passenger seat wire harnesses may be damaged from using the horizontal seat adjustments.

A damaged front seat wire harness can deactivate the Taycan airbags.

Porsche learned about several Taycan seat adjustment complaints that were caused by the fabric sheath getting caught in the seat adjustment mechanism.

Porsche began monitoring Taycan complaints but didn't find any complaints about damaged wire harnesses.

But between January and April 2022, Porsche learned of three complaints about damaged wire harnesses and illuminated airbag warning lights in Taycans outside the U.S., convincing the automaker to issue the recall.

Taycan occupants may notice problems with the front seat adjustments or hear strange noise when adjusting the seats. A driver will know the airbags are affected if they see an illuminated red airbag warning light.

Porsche dealers will inspect the the seat wire harnesses for damage and textile fabric tape will be added to further secure the harnesses under the seats and help prevent damage to the harnesses when adjusting the seats.

Porsche Taycan recall notices are expected to be mailed June 24, 2022, but until then Taycan owners with questions should call 800-767-7243.

The Porsche Taycan seat wire harness recall number is ANA5.