Recall: Audi Infotainment Systems Can Completely Fail

More than 6,000 vehicles are equipped with infotainment systems that can fail during starting.

Recall: Audi Infotainment Systems Can Completely Fail

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— An Audi infotainment system recall involves more than 6,000 vehicles equipped with infotainment systems that may become damaged internally when the vehicles are shut off.

This will cause the backup cameras and all other infotainment functions to fail the next time these vehicles are started.

  • 2021-2022 Audi A8
  • 2021-2022 Audi A6 Allroad
  • 2021-2022 Audi E-TRON Quattro
  • 2022 Audi S3
  • 2022 Audi RSQ8
  • 2022 Audi RS7
  • 2022 Audi RS6 Avant
  • 2022 Audi Q8
  • 2022 Audi Q7
  • 2022 Audi Q3
  • 2022 Audi E-TRON Sportback Quattro
  • 2022 Audi S5 Cabriolet
  • 2022 Audi E-TRON GT
  • 2022 Audi S5 Sportback
  • 2022 Audi A7
  • 2022 Audi A6
  • 2022 Audi A5 Sportback
  • 2022 Audi A5 Cabriolet
  • 2022 Audi A4, A4 Allroad
  • 2022 Audi A3
  • 2022 Audi S8
  • 2022 Audi SQ7
  • 2022 Audi SQ8
  • 2022 Audi S6
  • 2022 Audi S4

Audi describes the problem like this.

"Under certain conditions during shutdown of the infotainment main unit, an error in one of the voltage regulators may lead to damage to various components within the control unit causing a loss of all functions including the screen display. In this case, the infotainment main unit is damaged permanently and needs to be replaced."

Audi found a problem in June 2021 during production when the infotainment main units weren't working on some vehicles. The supplier was contacted and the root cause of the problem was discovered.

Then in October 2021, owners began reporting cases of infotainment system failures and in June 2022 infotainment system warranty claims were increasing.

By the infotainment system failing, the rearview camera display also fails and causes a violation of federal safety standards.

Audi expects to mail infotainment recall letters December 25, 2022, and dealers will replace the infotainment main units.

Audi owners may call 800-253-2834 and use infotainment system recall number 91Ei.