Chevrolet Volt BECM Failures Investigated

Chevy Volt BECM (battery energy control module) failures cause the cars to stall.

Chevrolet Volt BECM Failures Investigated

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— Chevrolet Volt BECM (battery energy control module) failures are under a federal investigation after at least 61 complaints and multiple field reports.

Owners of 2016-2019 Chevy Volts complain BECM failures caused the cars to lose power and stall. In addition, Volt owners also complain their cars won't start.

Chevy Volts can lose power at various speeds and leave the cars unable to restart once the battery energy control modules fail.

A stalled car in traffic is bad, but losing the ability to restart the Volt in traffic makes things worse.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes General Motors released technical service bulletin (TSB 18-NA-261) regarding 2016-2019 Volts with BECM problems.

GM says the Chevy Volt may not start, a warning light may illuminate and the following diagnostic trouble codes can set: U2603, U2604, U2605, U2606, U2617, U2618, U2619, U2620, U2621, U2622, U2623 and/or U2624.

The Volt TSB tells dealerships there are internal problems with the modules and technicians are to replace and reprogram the BECMs.

The GM Volt BECM failure investigation involves 73,000 cars. will update our website with results of the Chevrolet Volt BECM failure investigation.