Feds Investigate 2009 Dodge Journeys Over Electrical Problems

Dodge Journey driver killed in fire after she said electrical problems trapped her in the SUV.

Feds Investigate 2009 Dodge Journeys Over Electrical Problems

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— A 2009 Dodge Journey investigation will determine if a woman died in the SUV because of defects that blocked her from exiting the burning vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration learned of a December 9, 2022, incident where multiple systems of the 2009 Journey malfunctioned.

According to NHTSA, the driver pulled to the side of the road only to find the windows and door locks didn't work. The Dodge Journey caught fire but the driver couldn't get out of the burning SUV.

According to a complaint filed with the government:

"Vehicle owner was driving and pulled over when all warning lights began flashing, wipers came on, horn started honking, windows would not go down, doors would not unlock, and vehicle started on fire. Fire appeared to begin in the engine compartment, with fire eventually consuming entire vehicle."

NHTSA says more than 82,500 model year 2009 Dodge Journeys are included in the investigation.

2009 Dodge Journey Fire

Federal safety regulators did not announce the driver's name or location, but a search online found reports from Wisconsin that described a Dodge Journey incident that killed the driver on December 9, 2022.

The reports allege 73-year-old Mary Frahm was driving a 2009 Dodge Journey when the SUV began having electrical problems. She called someone and told them the Dodge Journey was losing power and the speedometer was malfunctioning.

Frahm also said the windshield wipers activated and the lights on the dashboard were flashing.

During a phone call, she said there was a burning smell and smoke was coming from the dashboard while the Journey was at the side of the road.

Frahm did call 911 and told them she was trapped inside the Dodge Journey, but the SUV was in flames when first responders arrived on scene. They were unable to save her.

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